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Our Quality Policy

Is to ensure that all analytical reports  that come out of our laboratory reflect the correct characteristics  of the sample, and are traceable, reproducible and verifiable with the use of modern high precision and accuracy analytical equipments and  well trained, experienced, and matured personnel..

Kazlat Public Analysts Laboratory objective is customer satisfaction and contineous improvement. We are committed to provide  excellent analytical services, and have implemented a full quality assurance system.

The laboratory management will continually improve the effectiveness of the quality system within the confines of the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:and the requirements of Nigeria National Accreditation System (NiNAS), the Nigeria accreditation body.  The laboratory staff are fully competent in implementing quality system to ensure consistently reliable  testing results.

our analytical report

Who We Are


KAZLAT PUBLIC ANALYSTS LABORATORY is a private third party testing laboratory established in the year 2014 to provide quality analytical services on food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and water for several customers that need quality analytical services in the areas of our specialty

The laboratory is registered by the institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria and accredited for ISO/ IEC 17025 by Nigeria national accreditation system, NiNAS

Our aim is to provide world class analytical services that meet both national and internal standards with high accuracy and verifiable results. The laboratory practices are under the regulation of the Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria, the body that regulates the practices of the laboratory analysis in Nigeria

Our Vision

Is to gradually and strategically position our self to become a world class analytical Laboratory of whose analytical report is an authority, verifiable and unchallengeable anywhere in the world

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Our Mission

Is to provide a world class analytical laboratoryl services of whose reports are verifiable and acceptable globally, towards promoting Nigeria industrialization.



Msc, Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Managing Director


Msc, Analytical Chemistry

Chemical Analyst


Bsc, Microbiology



Laboratory Profile

Microbiology Laboratory: carries out total aerobic microbial counts, yeast and mould enumeration, enumeration of coliform bacteria, pseudomonas spp, Salmonella spp, Staphylococcus and streptococcus spp, antimicrobial efficacy tests, antibiotic assay. Chemical Laboratory: Is adequately equipped to carry out the following tests as listed below: FOOD: Ash, moisture content, acid insoluble ash, protein, fat, Iodine and peroxide values in fats and oil, acid value, saponification value in oil, Total acidity, PH COSMETICS: Free caustic alkali, total fatty matter, alcohol insoluble matters DRUGS: Active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage formulations of analgesics such as paracetamol, aspirin, diclofenac sodium, ascorbic acid, antimalaria such as fixed dose artemether / Lumefantrine formulations, antibiotics such as metronidazole, multivitamins tablets and syrups for water and fat soluble vitamins. - Instrument room: where all sensitive analytical equipments are kept such as HPLC, UV –VIS Spectrophotometer, analytical balance , flame photometer, Atomic absorption spectrophotometer and so on.

our analytical report

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19, Obasanjo Farm Road, Onipanu, Ota

Ogun State, Nigeria

Tel: 08023116607, 08114160068, 09080717822

Email: info@kazbanglobal.com.ng

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